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...It is a very good book in that it conscientiously documents what James Churchward was drawing from when he originally created the Lost Continent of Mu books, starting in the 1920s...
Dale Drinnon
Stone Tablet of Mu fills the gap left by academia's refusal to address the groundbreaking research and writings of James Churchward. With unbiased scholarship his great-grandson, Jack E. Churchward ..., this book is an indispensable volume for anyone interested in understanding the lost continent of Mu.
Gary A. David, author of The Orion Zone
 In Crossing the Sands of Time, Jack Churchward tells a unique story centered around the Uighurs of Central Asia. It’s a story of the past but one that includes a bit of pseudoarchaeology and pseudohistory as perhaps originated by his great-grandfather, James Churchward.